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Big Data & Analytics Management in Sydney


Know your audience and customers better through implementing granular analytical and tracking technology. We work together to review your existing analytical systems & business intelligence requirements and optimise or implement new technology to better capture user data. We work to make this data available for immediate use in live applications, other business departments, marketing campaigns and for general business intelligence use.

  • Analytical Systems

Analytical systems we commonly work with:
  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Amplitude
  • Woopra
  • Hot Jar
  • Crazy Egg
  • Full Story
  • Kissmetrics

  • Data Aggregation and Visualisation

Data Aggregation and Intelligence Technology we commonly work with:
  • Data Processing with Amazon Web Services - EMR (Hadoop), Redshift, Kinesis
  • Dashboarding with AWS QuickSight, Tableau, SiSense, Alteryx, PowerBI
  • We work across Big Data, Machine Learning and Automation

  • Common Usecases

Use cases for Analytics:
  • Utilising data online in real time - i.e. Product Recommendations
  • Personalising the content and data shown to users according to their profile
  • Automating marketing campaigns with personalised / related content to the user
  • Enhancing business intelligence at granular levels
  • General audience and customer insights
  • Conversion and goal tracking
  • Attribution and marketing campaign insights

Drop me an email below and see how I can help your digital product or business achieve greater success. You may also see more on how I can help with Online Analytics via my Digital Agency - Performance Crew.

Key Deliverables

  • Enhance Business Intelligence
  • Implement Analytical Systems
  • Drive Marketing Automation
  • Increase Audience Knowledge

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You have a great idea for the next big app, site, community or retail store and need assistance on planning, strategising, developing, marketing or actioning your digital plan.

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You have an existing app, ecommerce store or online business and are looking to grow your market base, capture more sales and scale up your business.

You're Optimising

You have a robust scalabale product however sales and conversions are lacking; you need someone to better optimise your product and utilise your data to affect positive change.

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