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Designed for those who require full management and leadership of their Digital and Technical arms of the business. In a role similar to that of a Chief Digital/Technical Officer, I work with you to formulate strategies and implement management for your product technology, cloud infrasturcture, data analytics and overall digital growth.

This can cover verticals of Technical Resources, Digital Design, Product Development, Cloud Infrastructure, Data Security & Scaling, Digital Marketing and Big Data & Analytics.

  • Technology Strategy

Product Design, Development, Data Security & Scaling and Infrasturcture
  • Analysis and management of technology used in your Product and Business, from a high level of product supporting Content Management Systems and CRM's, across to Cloud Infrastructure partners and down to the granular tech stack of your digital properties - Websites, Mobiles Apps, APIs and supporting software services & applications.
  • Identification and resolution of limits, obstacles and costs where your technology may impact the ability to scale and grow your digital presence in line with business growth expectations.
  • Technical competitor analysis to assist in determining as close as possible where your technology may lead or fall behind similar products and brands.
  • Analysis of technology used and it's effect on meeting and fulfilling marketing initatives, business & product intelligence gathering and it's abaility to utilise artifical intelligence and machine learning to enhance your product.
  • Management of your technology roadmap and team to future proof your product and maximise the ability to support marketing initatives and maximise the usability of your product.

  • Growth Strategy

Data & Analytics and Digital Marketing
  • Provide oversight of Analytical Platforms, Business Intelligene and Product Intelligence gathering techniques and implementation of such data gathering within your product.
  • Provide oversight of data use through Digital Marketing Automation, Customer Retention, Content Personalisation and Customer Prospecting.
  • Analyse and manage technical aspects of current digital marketing strategies, platforms utilised and mediums integrated to meet your product growth expectations.

This service is customised according to your specific needs. Drop me an email below and see how I can help your digital product or business achieve greater success.

Key Deliverables

  • Outsourced CTO
  • Outsourced CDO
  • Technology Management
  • Digital Marketing Management
  • Digital Growth, Scaling and Expansion

Indicative Pricing

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You're Starting Out

You have a great idea for the next big app, site, community or retail store and need assistance on planning, strategising, developing, marketing or actioning your digital plan.

You're Scaling Up

You have an existing app, ecommerce store or online business and are looking to grow your market base, capture more sales and scale up your business.

You're Optimising

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